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Mobile Phone Testing

The mobile device testing as well as mobile phone testing is in huge demand now. In today's world, you have a number of choices to make what device should your application use, what operating system, what networks will be relied on? Moreover, the list only keeps growing. Why not make things simpler?

Mobiquest's Mobile Test Center offers mobile application and testing services to simplify the testing needs of applications developers, service providers and handset manufacturers.

Mobile Test Center offers in-lab and in field testing services in whole of Asia Pacific for top handsets and major operators. Some common mobile phone testing process mentioned below.

Test Assembled PCB

It's related to mobile phone PCB test before or after its production. PCB errors, passive wrong value component, defective or missing components can be detected in this way. The test mainly works with the following parameters

> Gain Response
> Frequency Response
> Noise
> DTMF coding
> Distortion

Final Sound Testing

For auditory testing of microphones and speakers of mobile phones, rapid Test is the best choice. The optional Buzz and Rub detection make sure a cent percent relation to the human ear, so test making by human operators is superfluous. It is the main as well as first solution to conduct an automated quality test, which is dependent to the manufactures. Phantom power supply is included for the microphone measurement in the system. The acoustic testing is an important phase of mobile testing; go through the following common measurements.

> Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
> Buzz & Rub of transducers
> Rating Loudness
> Frequency Response
> Microphone sensitivity

Testing of Ring

Rapid Test detects the frequency and level of ring tones and surprisingly it works for narrow bands. It calculate the absolute SPL and gauge microphone by M2010 and NTTs "" respectively.

Alert Vibration Testing

A vibration sensor (NTI accessory) with RT-2M together detects the vibra call activator function. The vibration energy and frequency takes 500 ms to measure. Conversion into acceleration or RPM can be easily calculated directly.

Analysis DTMF Keypad

DTMF is fully supported by RT-2M.DTMF is used for telephone frequency dialing.

Source by Kristin Clerk