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The Pros and Cons of Technology Implementation in Schools

It is hard to deny the impact of modern technology in our lives. Technology has made things happen which we would have thought to be not possible decades ago. Technology has made life far more convenient for many of us. These days majority of the people and businesses are largely dependent on computers and unable to function effectively without it. These days technology is not only reaching its grasp towards business because it is starting to be part of the educational system too. It is not unheard of that many schools today issues a laptop or an iPad to their students. So is technology beneficial to the educational system? Or does it have its disadvantages?

Probably one of the most well-known benefit of technology at school is that it provides a great wealth of knowledge to the students. The Internet is filled with unlimited information that can greatly benefit a student. These information are provided in such a way that any type of learner can easily absorb the information. In the past, parents are persuaded to buy expensive encyclopedia sets because they believe that their children can benefit from it. But with the Internet, such learning materials have become obsolete.

Computers help students to learn through exploration. By exploring the Interwebs, students can learn by themselves. So in a way, computers can also serve as tutors for the children. But the benefits of technology is not only limited to the learning process. Modern technology also allow the students to express or present their ideas in a more effective and convenient way. Devices such as interactive whiteboards, touch screen displays, digital projectors and many more, are just some of the few ways which students can communicate their output more effectively.

But the presence of modern technology in our educational system is not without its disadvantages. First, computers have the potential to distract students. Students will have the tendency to explore beyond the subject matter that’s assigned to them and wanders into activities that is totally unrelated to the lesson. The use of technology in schools also decreases the interaction between the students and teachers which can also affect the communication skills of the children. Aside from that, the use of computers will also discourage students to socialize with their classmate and peers.

Social economic status may also prevent some students to enjoy the benefits of technology that is offered at school. There are students who don’t have computers at home, so while they can access it at their school, they will have trouble keeping up with their lessons at home. Another disadvantage of technology in schools is the cost. This includes the cost of the device itself and the training that is required for the faculty of the school.

So the implementation of technology in the educational system has its ups and downs. The computer age continues to expand and there is no sign that it will stop soon. But technology alone can’t fulfill the needs of the children with regards to their education. So it is important that there is a balance of technology and human touch.

Source by Matthew Hohn